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What to Do When Your Car Gets A Bad Accident

Accidents are unpredictable, and they happen to anyone. It is hard to tell when it is going to happen, but that does not guarantee you to live in fear. According to statistics, more than six million accidents happen in each passing year. Out of these, there are over two hundred and seventy million cars registered. However, of the accidents that happen, there is always a difference based on the impact that they cause. Some may have a minor impact while others may have a huge impact. Sometimes an accident can render your car useless and irreparable even by the insurance company. This guide will help you see through on the way forward after such an experience.

One of the aspects is to know when your car is considered totaled. One of the most obvious ones is when the car has been smashed badly. If the damage is not that severe, you can put things together and have it repaired. If you can see the parts that are damaged and the car can be driven, what you do is to take it to the mechanic first and they will sort you out. The mechanic will determine the costs of the repairs needed, but you also need to think about the actual value of your car when you purchased this service. Most insurance companies will compare the actual value of the care to the damage costs to determine whether it is totaled or not. In some states, if the damage of the car cost is equal to or greater than seventy-five percent of the actual car value, then the car is considered totaled. These percentages differ with each state and insurer. You go by what has been laid down by your government and that is what works for you. Check this homepage to know more!

One may wonder what to do with a car that was totaled. When this happens, all you need to know is that you can achieve about a lot and that is not the ultimate end of your car page. You could repair them if you have enough cash for the repairs. The other option is to find a market for it and sell. There are companies out that buy such cars because they know they can find some incredible parts that are of use somewhere else. The best would be getting a company that will buy the broken car according to the value that the car has remained with so far. Be sure to discover more here!

Research and proper math will land you into a good decision that you can never regret. Based on the value of the car and the policy that the insurance company and state government issues click here for more, it is important to retrieve and do calculations to see which option will favor you. All you can do best is to find the actual remaining value of the car and ensure you reap that.

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